Managed IT Services and IT Solutions from the heart of Dublin

At PlanIT Computing, our primary focus is to deliver technical innovation and expert Managed IT services for improved Business efficiency,  specialising in the delivery of complete Managed IT services; delivering quality remote or on-site IT support, providing a service with quick response rates,comprehensive hosting services, complete management, networking and data backup, protection and recovery. All to help reduce the stress of IT.

The core features of our Managed IT service aims to:-

  •     Improve IT efficiency and decrease costs
  •     Provide a complete Managed IT services
  •     Help ensure business continuity with minimal downtime
  •     Offer complete managed IT security and protection of your business data
  •     Quick remote and on-site IT support
  •     Help to plan, implement IT infrastructures
  •     A quality Managed IT service with no compromises

We, at PlanIT Computing, can offer a wealth of experience in providing Managed IT services to a range of businesses and have expertise in planning, implementing and managing complex IT infrastructures. A good network infrastructure is essential for the mechanics of your business and if well-planned and implemented it will provide numerous of benefits to all.

We have the ability to provide the best Managed IT services and improve IT efficiency and productivity, leaving you more time to focus on other areas of your business.

Our Managed IT services can cater for businesses throughout Dublin and Ireland, ensuring instant response to all.

If your business is considering proactive IT services and would like more information, give us a call on 01 485 2222 today for more information.

Managed IT Consultancy Packages

Our Managed IT Consultancy Packages are aimed at all businesses that have a major dependence on their IT infrastructure.

For small companies, the best choice may be to avail of our services occasionally, only when the need arises – ie Break / Fix policy

But if you are calling for assistance frequently or downtime is not acceptable and you would prefer a more proactive rather than “fire fighting” approach, then we recommend a Managed IT Consultancy Package – providing a much more pro-active support mechanism for your IT infrastructure.

Proactive IT support means you have fewer problems and we know whats going wrong before you, allowing us to fix the problem immediately.
If your company’s IT is down, how much is it costing your business? IT problems mean your staff are not able to work effectively, resulting in revenue loss.

We monitor your computers and servers to provide rapid response to any IT problems that arise by:


  • 24×7 Server Monitoring from our Network Operations Center in Dublin 2
  • 24×7 Availability notice via Remote Access
  • Component Monitoring – hard drive space, RAM and CPU utilization etc.
  • E-mail and SMS notifications
  • Server Event Log Monitoring


Call us now on 01 485 2222 to discuss an IT package that suits your companys needs or visit our website for more information on our services and solutions.

Onsite Computer Repairs and Network Management

At Planit Computing, our technicians can help you with all of the following issues in the comfort of your office:

    • Virus and Spyware problems
    • Server Issues and Broadband faults
    • Printer, Scanner and Digital Camera issues
    • Windows Errors & Blue Screens
    • Computer Software and Hardware Issues
    • Data Backups & Data Recovery
    • PlanIT Computing Technicians even provide you with Computer Lessons!


No hidden costs guaranteed!

We do not have separate charges for separate services.

We do not charge per computer, server or device.

We can work simultaneously on multiple computers, servers or devices at the same time.

Our Technicians can also provide any software or hardware that you may need or want at competitive retail prices.

Visit our website or call us now on 01 485 2222 to arrange a free, no quibble quotation for your IT needs and requirements.

HP G8 Servers – 3.5″ and 2.5″ Caddy Woes and Excessive Cost

HP has recently launched their 8th generation of their ML series servers which are quite attractive to the eye when it comes to price.  However, the cost of their hard disks ( specifically SATA ) are nearly triple that of a similar brand ( ie Western Digital, Seagate, etc )

The HP Long Form Factor 3TB SATA 7200rpm server disks cost over €1,00.00 per drive and HP only offer a warranty of 1 year on each drive.

An over the counter Seagate 3TB 7200rpm SATA drive is available for under €200.00, complete with a THREE YEAR warranty.

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Downgrade and unlock an iPhone 3GS on firmware 6.1.2 using iPad baseband

We recently purchased a refurbished iPhone 3GS from a supplier to test some features with an iPhone application that we were developing.  The iPhone was in fantastic condition but was locked to the vodafone network and we didn’t have any vodafone sim cards in stock.

Vodafone weren’t particularly helpful in unlocking the phone, so we done a bit of research and unlocked it ourselves.  Please note, the we used the iPAD baseband which is not recommended as it can brick your iPhone 3GS.

Also – do not perform the following steps if your iPhone 3GS was manufactured in late 2011 as it will STOP YOUR PHONE FROM WORKING.

Now – onto the steps we used to unlock the iPhone 3GS on 6.1.2!

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