Onsite Computer Repairs and Network Management

At Planit Computing, our technicians can help you with all of the following issues in the comfort of your office:

    • Virus and Spyware problems
    • Server Issues and Broadband faults
    • Printer, Scanner and Digital Camera issues
    • Windows Errors & Blue Screens
    • Computer Software and Hardware Issues
    • Data Backups & Data Recovery
    • PlanIT Computing Technicians even provide you with Computer Lessons!


No hidden costs guaranteed!

We do not have separate charges for separate services.

We do not charge per computer, server or device.

We can work simultaneously on multiple computers, servers or devices at the same time.

Our Technicians can also provide any software or hardware that you may need or want at competitive retail prices.

Visit our website http://www.planitcomputing.ie or call us now on 01 485 2222 to arrange a free, no quibble quotation for your IT needs and requirements.

Performing a cleanup of ad.xtendmedia.com

One of the more annoying pieces of spyware, the ad.xtendmedia.com spyware can be cleaned out with quickly with the antispyware software Malwarebytes.

However, the ad.xtendmedia.com software modifies the HOSTS file ( located in c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc ) and add’s the following lines to the BOTTOM of the hosts file.    www.google-analytics.com.    ad-emaea.doubleclick.net.    www.statcounter.com.    ad-emea.doubeclick.net.    www.statcounter.com.

The HOSTS file was also 2kb in size – the original HOSTS file is only 1kb by default.

Once the above entries are removed from the HOSTS file, the ad.xtendmedia.com pop ups should disappear.  Make sure to flush your browsing cache / temp folder to be on the safe side.

If you require any additional information or support on removing the ad.xtendmedia.com spyware, please feel free to contact us on 014852222.


A Proven Antispam Solution for your Business Email

Spam Levels are at an all time high as spamming methods become more sophisticated. PlanIT Computing provide our customers with a cost effective Anti-Spam Solution that will eliminate the daily headache of dealing with Spam Mail.

What is spam?

Spam messages ( also known as unsolicited emails ) are messages that have been sent to your email account by companies or individuals from whom you did not request information. Often these emails offer to sell you something or direct you to a website which you may not want to visit. Sometimes spam messages will contain viruses.

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