Windows SBS 2011 Move Data Wizard has stopped working – movedata.exe crash

Recently, we were asked by a new client to move their Exchange 2010 Data to a new array on their Windows SBS 2011 server.

On Small Business Server 2011, we usually carry out this procedure through the SBS 2011 Console:

  1. Select Backup and Server Storage Tab
  2. Select Server Settings
  3. Select Move Exchange Server Data

However, when we tried launching the “Move Exchange Server Data” option – the SBS 2011 Console would crash, saying “Windows SBS 2011 Move Data Wizard has stopped working“.  On further inspection, the crash was related to movedata.exe

We knew from previous experience that Windows recommends you backup your server before performing this task – oddly enough, this message did not appear before the crash.

We checked around the console and noticed that the Windows SBS 2011 backup wizard had been configured BUT had been failing for the last two weeks.

We fixed the backup issue by adding a new external 2TB hard disk, performed a full server backup and then proceeded to move the Exchange Server Data again.

When we launched the “Move Exchange Server Data” task, it completed successfully with no issues / crashes.

Moral of the story – always check your backups before performing these tasks !

Needless to say, we have another happy client.  🙂

If you’re experiencing issues with moving your Exchange 2010 Data to a new location, feel free to call Planit Computing on 01 485 2222 for a free, no quibble IT consultation.


Hamachi’s Gateway VPN and Guest OS on a Windows 2012 / Hyper-V Installation

While testing the installation of Hamachi on a Hyper-V Guest, the install broke the network configuration.  This is due to the way Hyper-V and Hamachi operate.

In Hyper-v you have to have it add a legacy network adapter and then open command line in Administrator mode and enter the following commands:

  • netsh bridge show adapter
  • netsh bridge set adapter 1 forcecompatmode=enable

Then begin the install for Hamachi in Gateway network mode.

If you require any additional support on setting Hamachi up on a Hyper-V Guest, please feel free to contact us on 014852222.