List of outgoing SMTP servers used in Ireland

Having issues sending email in Ireland from your wifi / broadband connection?  Make sure you’ve got the right SMTP settings.

Below is a list of smtp settings for the majority of ISP’s in Ireland:

Smart Telecom Outgoing SMTP Server

Irish Broadband Outgoing SMTP Server

Eircom Outgoing SMTP Server OR

Magnet Outgoing SMTP Server

NTL and UPC Outgoing SMTP Server

Ice Broadband Outgoing SMTP Server

Vodafone Outgoing SMTP Server

O2 Outgoing SMTP Server

Clearwire Outgoing SMTP Server /

Digiweb Outgoing SMTP Server

Imagine Broadband Outgoing SMTP Server OR

Perlico Outgoing SMTP Server

3 Outgoing SMTP Server: Mobile broadband with 3 mobile Ireland

Gmail Outgoing SMTP Server (use authentication)
Use Authentication: Yes
Port for TLS/STARTTLS: 587
Port for SSL: 465

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Magnet blocking SMTP / Port 25 on Residential connections

As per our earlier blog post about Magnet’s Simply Broadband – we forgot to mention that Magnet blocks TCP Port 25 outbound on it’s residential accounts.

Their solution is to change the SMTP server to theirs:

In some cases, this is not suitable.  You can try changing the outgoing port to 26 – some hosting companies, such as Spiralhosting, offer this facility.

The other solution is to use SSL SMTP – port 465.

Setting up the Netopia 2247 for Magnet Simply Broadband

One of our clients ordered the Simply Broadband package that Magnet has on offer roughly three  weeks ago.

It’s a 24mb package provided by Magnet for €40 a month, including line rental but lacks the feature to make phone calls over the line.

For more information on this package and it’s availability, free phone Magnet on 1800819500

To set the Netopia 2247 Wireless router up with Magnet, please follow the steps below:

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