List of outgoing SMTP servers used in Ireland

Having issues sending email in Ireland from your wifi / broadband connection?  Make sure you’ve got the right SMTP settings.

Below is a list of smtp settings for the majority of ISP’s in Ireland:

Smart Telecom Outgoing SMTP Server

Irish Broadband Outgoing SMTP Server

Eircom Outgoing SMTP Server OR

Magnet Outgoing SMTP Server

NTL and UPC Outgoing SMTP Server

Ice Broadband Outgoing SMTP Server

Vodafone Outgoing SMTP Server

O2 Outgoing SMTP Server

Clearwire Outgoing SMTP Server /

Digiweb Outgoing SMTP Server

Imagine Broadband Outgoing SMTP Server OR

Perlico Outgoing SMTP Server

3 Outgoing SMTP Server: Mobile broadband with 3 mobile Ireland

Gmail Outgoing SMTP Server (use authentication)
Use Authentication: Yes
Port for TLS/STARTTLS: 587
Port for SSL: 465

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4 thoughts on “List of outgoing SMTP servers used in Ireland

  1. Please, can you give me any idea of what the outgoing email SMTP setting should be for Tesco Ireland broadband network?…..I switched recently from Three Ireland to Tesco Ireland as my ISP and now can’t use Outlook Express to send emails. Tesco Support not much help!



  2. I am just switched internet providers from Eircom to UPC. I have no problem getting incoming emails but I cannot send outgoing emails. I have amended the outgoing mail server details to as advised but it still doesn’t work. I have an Apple Mac. Is there a different port number I should be using?

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