HP G8 Servers – 3.5″ and 2.5″ Caddy Woes and Excessive Cost

HP has recently launched their 8th generation of their ML series servers which are quite attractive to the eye when it comes to price.  However, the cost of their hard disks ( specifically SATA ) are nearly triple that of a similar brand ( ie Western Digital, Seagate, etc )

The HP Long Form Factor 3TB SATA 7200rpm server disks cost over €1,00.00 per drive and HP only offer a warranty of 1 year on each drive.

An over the counter Seagate 3TB 7200rpm SATA drive is available for under €200.00, complete with a THREE YEAR warranty.

So to create a raid 5 array, minimum 3 drives, we are talking an extra TWO THOUSAND EUROS for HP branded drives that are:

a) Identical in size

b) Identical in speed

c) have a 1 year warranty INSTEAD OF A THREE year warranty from Seagate

The long form factor drives from HP are identical in size to the Seagates – there is no difference in size.

This is not speculation as we have used third party disks in a HP ML 350 G8 server with absolutely no issues at all.
From the perspective of our customers – the majority are concerned about cost and warranty.  The new HP drives may cook breakfast and give fancy lighting but that doesn’t matter to the customer, all they want is a working hard disk, with warranty that’s reliable.

Whilst the HP drives cost 3 times more than a 3rd party brand –  a disk drive is a mechanical object with moving parts.  Moving parts wear out.  End of story.  There are no differences between a 7200 SATA drive you buy for your desktop and a 7200rpm SATA server drive for that matter – unless we are talking green drives, which we are not.

While the intro price to these servers is cheap and cheerful, they can add up to be quite expensive if a large amount of storage is required.

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  1. The initial post is discussing the SATA variants that HP have on offer – they have been examined by several organisations ( including ourselves ) and are almost identical bar a firmware revision from HP..

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