Downgrade and unlock an iPhone 3GS on firmware 6.1.2 using iPad baseband

We recently purchased a refurbished iPhone 3GS from a supplier to test some features with an iPhone application that we were developing.  The iPhone was in fantastic condition but was locked to the vodafone network and we didn’t have any vodafone sim cards in stock.

Vodafone weren’t particularly helpful in unlocking the phone, so we done a bit of research and unlocked it ourselves.  Please note, the we used the iPAD baseband which is not recommended as it can brick your iPhone 3GS.

Also – do not perform the following steps if your iPhone 3GS was manufactured in late 2011 as it will STOP YOUR PHONE FROM WORKING.

Now – onto the steps we used to unlock the iPhone 3GS on 6.1.2!

1.  Download the 6.1.2 IPSW from,1_6.1.2_10B146_Restore.ipsw

2.  Update your iPhone 3GS to 6.1.2

3.  Once the iOS 6.1.2 software has been installed on your iPhone, it should reboot and ask to activate with a SIM card.

4.  Next, download IOS 6.0.1 from,1_6.0_10A403_Restore.ipsw

5.  Download Redsn0w_win_0.9.15b3 from

5.  Once downloaded, extract the files from the zip file to a folder and launch redsn0w.exe

6.  In redsn0w:

  1. Click on Extras
  2. Then Select IPSW
  3. Then located the iPhone2,1_6.0_10A403_Restore.ipsw which you previously downloaded.  Select OK
  4. Then Back
  5. Then Jailbreak and only select Install Ipad baseband NOT cydia.

7.  After the jailbreak is done, your phone will reboot and it should be activated.

8.  Next, download evasi0n 1.4 Jailbreak for iOS 6.1.2 ( )

9. Launch evasi0n, it should detect your iPhone as an iPhone 3GS on 6.0.1

10.  evasi0n will say “iPhone 3GS (iOS 6.0.1) is already jailbroken.  Jailbreaking it again is not recommended.” – ignore this and click JAILBREAK.

11.  A few minutes later, your iPhone will reboot.  Once it’s rebooted, slide the screen to the right and select the “continue jailbreak” icon.

12.  evasi0n will continue onto the second phase of the jailbreak and will install cydia.

13.  Next, open Cydia, select “USER” and wait for Cydia to cache / download it’s packages.

14.  Once Cydia is finished doing its work, it will reload and display some information.  Click on the SEARCH icon in the bottom right hand corner.

15.  In search, look for ULTRASNOW.

16.  ULTRASN0W should appear first in the list, select it and then click install.

17.  Once installed, ULTRASN0W will ask you to “restart springboard” – click restart springboard.

18.  Turn off your iPhone after the springboard restarts and insert your sim card.

19.  Power your iPhone back on.

20.  Start making phone calls from your unlocked iPhone 3GS !

If you require any additional information on the above guide – please feel free to send us an email on or by giving us a call in Dublin on 01 485 2222.

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