PJ Hegarthy Online Auction with Wilsons Auctions proves to be a success


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Recently, we were asked by Wilsons Auctions to add a temporary broadband link to facilitate their Online Auction Services for PJ Hegarthy in Cork.

The location of the rostrum was about 150 metres away from the main network cabinet, with no network connectivity. In an ideal world Fiber or Wireless LoS would be the perfect candidate, but cost followed by its temporary residence there made this an nonviable option. A plan to use a 3G router was discussed but the location was in a “patchy” area for receiving a solid 3G connection.  Latency is also an additional issue when using 3G.

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IT Service Plans, Maintenance & IT Support Options from PlanIT Computing

Our IT Service Plans provides your business with all of the regularly scheduled services your business will need, comprehensive server and client monitoring, after hours support access, annual network audits, access to help desk services and emergency onsite visit coverage.

At PlanIT Computing, we provide  proactive IT Managed Services. Our combination of regular remote preventative maintenance and real-time monitoring of your computer systems delivers the following benefits:

  • Minimize your IT downtime and failures. We address smaller IT problems before they become expensive IT failures through our remote monitoring, alerting and support mechanisms.
  • Reduce your IT support costs. The ability to connect remotely to your IT systems to take corrective actions avoids expensive on-site call-outs and provide instant support is the key to PlanIT Computing’s Managed IT Services.  Proactive maintenance means fewer issues and less “unexpected” and costly on-site IT support work.
  • Proactive Support. When our monitoring system detects a potential IT issue we are instantly alerted and will contact you to decide on a course of action to address the issue before it affects your business.

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Facebook – Secure Browser Feature explained briefly

You may have noticed a new pop up on your Facebook timeline asking if you wish to enable “secure browsing” or not.

Secure Browsing ( https / ssl ) is an opt-in security feature when accessing Facebook. When the secure browsing feature is enabled, your activity ( web traffic ) on Facebook becomes encrypted, making it harder for anyone else to access your Facebook information without your permission.

We recommend enabling the secure browsing feature on Facebook to reduce the risk of someone intercepting your time on Facebook.


MSI CR630 WiFi Card Issue – Steps to resolve

We recently re-installed Windows 7 Professional on one of our clients laptops, a MSI cr630 ( AMD Processor ) and seen an odd issue with the wireless card. Windows 7 was reporting that no wireless networks were available.

The wireless card was installed correctly with no issues in Device Manager. The wireless card could also be viewed in the “Networking and Sharing Center”, under “Change adapter settings” and was reporting no issues or errors.

Pressing FN + F10 ( the wireless key ) made no difference in Windows or to the Wireless LED button on the front of the laptop.

We rebooted the laptop and checked the BIOS – just to make sure that wireless / bluetooth radio was not turned off – the BIOS did not have this option.

So we booted back into Windows to see if we could enable the wireless through the Windows Mobility Center. The Wireless option was greyed out – how bizarre!

Our next line of call was to check the settings through the device manager. The “Radio Power” option was set to “ON” already – so we set it to “OFF”, back to “ON” and clicked OK. Voila! WiFi back working again 🙂

We rebooted / powered the laptop off several times just to make sure the settings stuck and there have been no issues since.

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Driver Search Annoyances

Recently we were asked to upgrade a customers machine to Windows 7, like any rebuild there is always the stray driver missing, unfortunately while manufacturer’s websites are great for obtaining drivers, they usually only have the drivers of the Operating System that was bundled with the computer when it left the factory line, this was the case for us.

Like most techies we’d get the hardware ID from the device manager, throw it into google (e.g ven14e4 dev 4727) and download the driver, however this has gotten noticeably harder in recent times, it seems a number of dubious websites mainly from the Russian Federation have somehow seriously manipulated the google rankings.

The dubious websites offers a “driver download” is usually a generic software package that either looks for money for the driver which it probably doesn’t have, or even worse…so use at your own peril!

So how do you get around this annoyance?

First off find out name of the device is using the device ID from the device manager..websites such as PCIDatabase.com and use software like UnknownDevices.

Next take a visit to the hardware devices website:

Below is a list of links to the common manufacturer’s that allow you to download from their websites

Most drivers can be gotten from the manufacturers websites, along with Microsoft’s comphrensive driver package and windows update…rebuilds are a lot less hassle then when they were in the days of Windows 95/98, 2000 and XP but there will always be one driver that will be the bain of you existence

Chose PlanIT Computing as your trusted IT Business Partner

With IT playing such a key role in business today, companies partnering with the correct IT Solutions provider is a business-critical decision. Having a partner that you trust ensures that you get on with the day-to-day running of your operation while the IT infrastructure is left to your trusted partner.

When you engage PlanIT Computing to look after your IT needs, you are dealing with an Irish company that has been working with businesses like yours for over several years. We develop strong, long-term relationships with clients that are built on the core values of technical expertise, innovation, service and trust. Our values are at the heart of our mission, ensuring that our approach and solutions focus entirely on your business.

With PlanIT Computing as your IT Business partner you will have access to a team of dedicated IT experts. The team will work in partnership with you to develop a bespoke managed service, or network solution, that will suit your business, today and into the future. Our approach is constructive and proactive, which ensures that we focus on understanding your business, your target market and the available technologies to help assist you in the ongoing development of your business.

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