Using email to it’s maximum potential via Microsoft Exchange


Email should be easy.

Are you embarrassed to email prospective clients because you conduct business from a Yahoo! address?  Are you forever tied to a slow ISP because you don’t want to change your email address?

Does your computer download messages twice when you use your smartphone or iPad?  Why is it so complicated to share a calendar with your manager?   And where are your messages actually stored?

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MSI CR630 WiFi Card Issue – Steps to resolve

We recently re-installed Windows 7 Professional on one of our clients laptops, a MSI cr630 ( AMD Processor ) and seen an odd issue with the wireless card. Windows 7 was reporting that no wireless networks were available.

The wireless card was installed correctly with no issues in Device Manager. The wireless card could also be viewed in the “Networking and Sharing Center”, under “Change adapter settings” and was reporting no issues or errors.

Pressing FN + F10 ( the wireless key ) made no difference in Windows or to the Wireless LED button on the front of the laptop.

We rebooted the laptop and checked the BIOS – just to make sure that wireless / bluetooth radio was not turned off – the BIOS did not have this option.

So we booted back into Windows to see if we could enable the wireless through the Windows Mobility Center. The Wireless option was greyed out – how bizarre!

Our next line of call was to check the settings through the device manager. The “Radio Power” option was set to “ON” already – so we set it to “OFF”, back to “ON” and clicked OK. Voila! WiFi back working again 🙂

We rebooted / powered the laptop off several times just to make sure the settings stuck and there have been no issues since.

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A problem is preventing Windows from accurately checking the license for this computer.

Recently, we had to do a repair installation of a Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2003 for a client.


The repair install ran fine, prompting for the following tasks:


  • Microsoft Windows 2003 SBS License Key
  • Keyboard, Language and Regional Settings


Once the repair install was complete, the server booted up as normal displaying the logon screen ( ctrl alt del )

After inputting our credentials, a boxed opened with the following message:


A problem is preventing Windows from accurately checking the licenses for this computer.


Three options were available:

  1. Yes – resulted in the box closing and nothing happening.
  2. No – resulted in our session being logged off.
  3. Cancel – resulted in the server shutting down.

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