HP G8 Servers – 3.5″ and 2.5″ Caddy Woes and Excessive Cost

HP has recently launched their 8th generation of their ML series servers which are quite attractive to the eye when it comes to price.  However, the cost of their hard disks ( specifically SATA ) are nearly triple that of a similar brand ( ie Western Digital, Seagate, etc )

The HP Long Form Factor 3TB SATA 7200rpm server disks cost over €1,00.00 per drive and HP only offer a warranty of 1 year on each drive.

An over the counter Seagate 3TB 7200rpm SATA drive is available for under €200.00, complete with a THREE YEAR warranty.

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Data Destruction Services

When it comes to data removal, there are several products and services on the market to choose from.  Yet many of these products and services fail to thoroughly overwrite or destroy your data.

PlanIT Computing recognizes that clients have a need for ‘strict security’ when it comes to disposing of their old PC’s, Computer Systems, Servers and laptops.   Some computer hard-drives may have held valuable or confidential information and this data must not fall into the wrong hands.


Why is permanent data erasure necessary?

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