Enabling SMTP Authentication on Outlook, Apple Mail, iPhone, iPad and Thunderbird

These are instructions on how to enable SMTP Authentication on common email programs. SMTP Authentication must be enabled on your email program / application in order to send outgoing email. This is a requirement on most mail servers.

SMTP Authentication simply means your email program is providing your full email address and password when you send outgoing emails to prove who you are. Most webmail programs have SMTP Authentication enabled by default, but many desktop email programs (like Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail etc.) will disable it by default. It’s important to check if SMTP Authentication is required for every email account used or you could encounter error messages or bounce-backs with your outgoing emails. It only takes a minute to check if it’s enabled.

Please note that if you do not have SMTP Authentication enabled, this will decrease the “reputation” of your email address, and other email providers like Yahoo, Hotmail and Google Mail will be more likely to mistake your incoming emails for spam.

Please follow the relevant instructions below to verify SMTP Authentication is enabled.

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Windows SBS 2011 Move Data Wizard has stopped working – movedata.exe crash

Recently, we were asked by a new client to move their Exchange 2010 Data to a new array on their Windows SBS 2011 server.

On Small Business Server 2011, we usually carry out this procedure through the SBS 2011 Console:

  1. Select Backup and Server Storage Tab
  2. Select Server Settings
  3. Select Move Exchange Server Data

However, when we tried launching the “Move Exchange Server Data” option – the SBS 2011 Console would crash, saying “Windows SBS 2011 Move Data Wizard has stopped working“.  On further inspection, the crash was related to movedata.exe

We knew from previous experience that Windows recommends you backup your server before performing this task – oddly enough, this message did not appear before the crash.

We checked around the console and noticed that the Windows SBS 2011 backup wizard had been configured BUT had been failing for the last two weeks.

We fixed the backup issue by adding a new external 2TB hard disk, performed a full server backup and then proceeded to move the Exchange Server Data again.

When we launched the “Move Exchange Server Data” task, it completed successfully with no issues / crashes.

Moral of the story – always check your backups before performing these tasks !

Needless to say, we have another happy client.  🙂

If you’re experiencing issues with moving your Exchange 2010 Data to a new location, feel free to call Planit Computing on 01 485 2222 for a free, no quibble IT consultation.


Microsoft says no to SBS 2012

Microsoft recently announced that the Windows Server 2012 editions will not be seeing a “Small Business Server Edition” –  they have simplified the licensing.  Basically, there will only be four editions – Datacenter, Standard, Essentials and Foundation. For more details, see Microsoft’s post on the official site and also check out the licensing datasheet.

There is also an FAQ available with most of the common questions answered. Specifically, I would point to Q33 because this will sign the end of an era with Windows Small Business Server.

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Network Maintenance and Support

Network Maintenance & Support

PlanIT Computing can provide your business with an IT Support contract to suit your every need. Our support team can provide you with assistance on a 9am-6pm basis or if required on a 24/7 support plan.

Our expertise ranges from network/server solutions to printer, copier, fax, desktop, laptops and smart-devices. Our major strength is our flexibility. We provide different service levels so you can pick the one that suits you.

For example, you can choose a between a 2, 4 , 8 or 12 hour response service based on the critical nature of the problem to your business with engineers calling directly to the site within the agreed time frame. And, because our maintenance services are offered on a fixed price basis, you know exactly how much you are spending on maintenance, keeping in line with your IT budget.

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A Proven Antispam Solution for your Business Email

Spam Levels are at an all time high as spamming methods become more sophisticated. PlanIT Computing provide our customers with a cost effective Anti-Spam Solution that will eliminate the daily headache of dealing with Spam Mail.

What is spam?

Spam messages ( also known as unsolicited emails ) are messages that have been sent to your email account by companies or individuals from whom you did not request information. Often these emails offer to sell you something or direct you to a website which you may not want to visit. Sometimes spam messages will contain viruses.

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Virtualizating your IT Infrastructure

What is Virtualization?

Virtualization allows your company to consolidate IT applications & databases onto a reduced number of servers by utilising all of the resources available on the equipment that traditionally wasn’t previously possible to achieve.

Why chose Virtualization?

Virtualization can offer your company better value for money on hardware investment, faster recovery time in the event of a critical failure.

Power consumption is also reduced as a there is a substantial reduction of equipment needed to manage your IT business applications.

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A problem is preventing Windows from accurately checking the license for this computer.

Recently, we had to do a repair installation of a Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2003 for a client.


The repair install ran fine, prompting for the following tasks:


  • Microsoft Windows 2003 SBS License Key
  • Keyboard, Language and Regional Settings


Once the repair install was complete, the server booted up as normal displaying the logon screen ( ctrl alt del )

After inputting our credentials, a boxed opened with the following message:


A problem is preventing Windows from accurately checking the licenses for this computer.


Three options were available:

  1. Yes – resulted in the box closing and nothing happening.
  2. No – resulted in our session being logged off.
  3. Cancel – resulted in the server shutting down.

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