Enabling SMTP Authentication on Outlook, Apple Mail, iPhone, iPad and Thunderbird

These are instructions on how to enable SMTP Authentication on common email programs. SMTP Authentication must be enabled on your email program / application in order to send outgoing email. This is a requirement on most mail servers.

SMTP Authentication simply means your email program is providing your full email address and password when you send outgoing emails to prove who you are. Most webmail programs have SMTP Authentication enabled by default, but many desktop email programs (like Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail etc.) will disable it by default. It’s important to check if SMTP Authentication is required for every email account used or you could encounter error messages or bounce-backs with your outgoing emails. It only takes a minute to check if it’s enabled.

Please note that if you do not have SMTP Authentication enabled, this will decrease the “reputation” of your email address, and other email providers like Yahoo, Hotmail and Google Mail will be more likely to mistake your incoming emails for spam.

Please follow the relevant instructions below to verify SMTP Authentication is enabled.

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Using email to it’s maximum potential via Microsoft Exchange


Email should be easy.

Are you embarrassed to email prospective clients because you conduct business from a Yahoo! address?  Are you forever tied to a slow ISP because you don’t want to change your email address?

Does your computer download messages twice when you use your smartphone or iPad?  Why is it so complicated to share a calendar with your manager?   And where are your messages actually stored?

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Downgrade and unlock an iPhone 3GS on firmware 6.1.2 using iPad baseband

We recently purchased a refurbished iPhone 3GS from a supplier to test some features with an iPhone application that we were developing.  The iPhone was in fantastic condition but was locked to the vodafone network and we didn’t have any vodafone sim cards in stock.

Vodafone weren’t particularly helpful in unlocking the phone, so we done a bit of research and unlocked it ourselves.  Please note, the we used the iPAD baseband which is not recommended as it can brick your iPhone 3GS.

Also – do not perform the following steps if your iPhone 3GS was manufactured in late 2011 as it will STOP YOUR PHONE FROM WORKING.

Now – onto the steps we used to unlock the iPhone 3GS on 6.1.2!

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