IT Audit – Know your IT Systems

Every business owner knows that if you don’t have information on how your business is performing you can’t set goals or resolve issues.

Planit Computing provide an IT Audit which is designed to give SME owners / managers an insight into what questions they should be asking to ensure that their IT systems are functioning effectively.

You’d be amazed how many people are doing things in round about ways because systems don’t work as they should.¬† If management don’t ask then they aren’t told.

Our IT Audit covers points such as:

  • Identifying issues with Hardware / Software
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery (it does happen – remember the floods!)
  • Remote Access to the Office
  • Identifying Training Gaps
  • Staff access to¬†computer files
  • IT Policy & Procedures
  • Firewall / Penetration Tests
  • Compliance with IT law

Our IT Audit is about being realistic about the issues and threats within your IT system, it is also about building on what you have and making sure you are getting the best from it.

To avail of an IT Audit from Planit Computing, drop us a call on 014852222 or send us an email on

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