Data Destruction Services

When it comes to data removal, there are several products and services on the market to choose from.  Yet many of these products and services fail to thoroughly overwrite or destroy your data.

PlanIT Computing recognizes that clients have a need for ‘strict security’ when it comes to disposing of their old PC’s, Computer Systems, Servers and laptops.   Some computer hard-drives may have held valuable or confidential information and this data must not fall into the wrong hands.


Why is permanent data erasure necessary?

  • An organisation’s most sensitive information / intellectual property are often stored on hard drives
  • Information that falls into the wrong hands can lead to loss of business and criminal liability
  • Simply deleting data from a hard drive does not mean that the data is gone forever
  • Regulatory requirements for data protection and privacy demand complete data removal

Even though these drives might have already had the data removed by the user, it is still possible to reclaim informationthat you might have thought had already been removed.


When is permanent data erasure necessary?

  • When disposing of used PCs and hard drives
  • When transferring a PC from one user to another
  • When customer data must be removed to meet government regulations


PlanIT Computing offer a professional, confidential Data Destruction Service.  Each storage device (hard disk, usb disk, memory card) is wiped clean of data using advanced software, complying with the highest level of industry standards.

We are the only company that provides comprehensive solutions for all your data erasing and disposing needs – from do-it-yourself erasing software and hardware to convenient erasing services.

Call us today on 01 485 2222 for a free quote on our Data Destruction Services.

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