Setting up the Netopia 2247 for Magnet Simply Broadband

One of our clients ordered the Simply Broadband package that Magnet has on offer roughly three  weeks ago.

It’s a 24mb package provided by Magnet for €40 a month, including line rental but lacks the feature to make phone calls over the line.

For more information on this package and it’s availability, free phone Magnet on 1800819500

To set the Netopia 2247 Wireless router up with Magnet, please follow the steps below:

  1. Open in your web browser
  2. Navigate to the “Expert Mode”, located in the left hand toolbar and click on it.
  3. Click “Yes, enter expert mode”, when prompted, to enter Expert Mode in the Netopia modem.
  4. Click Configure, located in the left hand toolbar.
  5. A menu should expand, select connection.
  6. Change VPI to 0
  7. Change VCI to 35
  12. STATIC IP should be
  13. NETMASK should be
  14. IP GATEWAY should be
  15. PRIMARY DNS should be *
  16. SECONDARY DNS should be *
  17. UPNP should be UNTICKED
  18. IPSEC PassThrough should be UNTICKED.
  20. You will be prompted to restart the modem, select YES
  21. Once restarted, the router will sync up with DSL and the internet connection should be live within a few moments.

Interestingly, our client was syncing at 19816/2599kbps with a line attenuation of 19/10 db.

If you require any further assistance in setting up the Simply Broadband package, please feel free to contact us / leave a comment.


5 thoughts on “Setting up the Netopia 2247 for Magnet Simply Broadband

  1. I just set up a Netopia 2247 the other day. I followed your settings buy also got Magnet helpdesk to talk me through it.

    The official settings they gave me are similar but not exactly the same.

    Firstly they asked me to go into connection – NAT and ensure NAT is ticked.

    For number 13 netmask should be


    18 IPSEC SHOULD be ticked

    They only support 5 types of non Magnet supplied modems, one of which is the Eircom Netopia 2200 series, VODAFONE HUAWAI HG556a, ZYXEL 600 Series, BELKIN SURF N150, NETGEAR N300

    The generic settings are:
    Reset router to defaults then
    Encapsulation / Multiplexing – Set to LLU
    VPI – Set to 0
    VCI – Set to 35
    IP assigned – Dynamic

    It is also worth noting their settings for business packages are very different requiring a username and password. Details of these setting are on the business support section of their website.

    I can send you screenshots of the Eircom settings if you email me.

  2. I got my magnet too , and i also have same problems ,,,, this company dont care about any costumer . they like to play …
    after many days some guys sent me some configuration to me do on my on modem,,,,, i did not ask him about configuration ,, i just ask about

    “”””” USERNAME AND PASSWORD “”””” to setup inside configuration ….
    always i use ADSL modens (Brazil) and all are same ,,,,, similar …
    for 3 years i worked on Support Help desk ,,, and I ask easy question to magnet sales …..””””” USERNAME AND PASSWORD “”””” i need!!!!
    … they told to go on :

    Sign Up

    * all fields must be filled out
    First Name: *
    Last Name: *
    Username: *
    Mobile No: *
    Email Address: *
    Verify Email Address: *
    Paperless Invoice
    Magnet Account Number: *
    Last 6 Months Invoice Number: *
    Last 6 Months Invoice Amount: *
    Password: *
    Verify Password: *

    Please replicate the text you see above

    Terms and Conditions
    Accept Terms and Conditions

    ………………………………..i dont have this
    “”””Last 6 Months Invoice Number: *
    Last 6 Months Invoice Amount: *””””
    because i never was a costumer before ….

  3. if dont put this ,“”””Last 6 Months Invoice Number: *
    Last 6 Months Invoice Amount: *””””

    or try put wrong ….

    ,,,,, i cant register :

  4. Magnet have a PDF on their site with instructions on how to set up their few recommended Modems. The info is here:

    For other models you may be able to guess similar settings, but I would recommend using the one they recommend, as then they will support you.

    As mentioned home users do not have a username & password stored inside the box, while business customers do. The set up is therefore different in the linked file for business users, and business users need their username and password (possibly different from the website log in)

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