Online Backups – A quick run down

PlanIT Computing provide’s a remote business online backup solution, taking hassle out of data storage for your business.

Our fully managed, automated and monitored online backup solution saves time, effort, relieves you of manual backup problems and provides precious peace of mind that your data will be there in the event of a disaster.

Why should you choose Online Backup with PlanIT Computing?

1. Automatic – Runs automatically with no need to change tapes or media.

2. It’s in the Cloud – Storing your backups in the same room as your server is pointless if the room is damaged by fire or flooded with water. Our backup servers are located in two separate data centers, complete redundancy.

3. Fully Managed – Our solution provides real time monitoring with a regular report emailed to the customer every night.

4. Accessible anywhere – Your data, files and information can be restored to any computer or laptop, anywhere in the world.

5. Reliable – Most companies don’t test their backups. That’s usually the most common mistake. We always perform a test restore of any file or folder during the first three months to ensure the backups are setup correctly.

6. Infinite Life Cycle – No need to purchase or upgrade any hardware and no consumable media to worry about.

7. Security – It’s secure, requiring two levels of authentication to access your personal data.

Company Data is essential to every business.  It is the foundation of every business.  How would you run your business without it’s data?

Call us now on 01 4852222 to start your 30 DAY FREE PlanIT Computing RDS Account or visit our website For more information about our Online Backup services.

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